Fortney: Nathan O’Brien’s mother a portrait of courage on witness stand

Courage. It is the all-too-rare human quality that sends soldiers off to fight for their country, activists to stand in peaceful defiance before a wall of gun-toting riot officers. When it appears in a quieter form, its impact can still be so powerful as to take one’s breath away. Such is the effect Jennifer O’Brien has […]

Fortney: Crowded jury selection for triple-murder case follows American style

“Well, this is a different kind of day. The only thing familiar was the train ride downtown.” At just after 11 a.m. Wednesday, the man speaking aloud to no one in particular is well aware he’s far from alone, judging by the bewildered expressions of many others standing with him outside a Calgary courtroom. Like […]

Calgary’s top criminal trials to watch in 2017

A triple murder trial, parents accused of fatally failing their children, police officers charged with assault: these are the cases coming out of the Calgary Courts Centre that will dominate headlines in 2017. While the list is in no way an exhaustive one, the following are cases that have captured Calgarians from the beginning. 1) Missing […]